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When Katherine realizes the life she thought she had was nothing more than a well-crafted fairytale. The discovery of her husband's infidelity, she goes in search of anything else he might have lied to her about and learns he's been cheating on her in many more ways than just other women.

      Now that her eyes are opened, she gives into her anger and uses his own duplicity against him. She acquires not only a quickie divorce and sole custody of their three children, but enough money to start a new life and goes in search of one.

     When she finds a beautiful farm in the Northeast Georgia mountains, with a magical Queen Anne house, it feels like the perfect place to teach her children that Daddy's rules don't apply anymore. It's time to learn to play and have fun—to be kids.

     Falling for the resident handyman, however, wasn’t in the plans. Nor was dealing with secrets he was harboring---secrets both a little frightening and strange. Secrets that could destroy their newfound happiness.

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