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"Something Borrowed is a heartwarming read, this novel delivers humor, fear, mistrust, the close bond of friendship, and most of all romance.  

~~Nancy C.  

"Kate's House offers a mixture of pain, humor, and romance as well as the supernatural, which adds dimension to this delightful novel. It is proof that redemption is possible even in the most trying situations and that love can be found when least expected." 

~~Nancy C.

"Ms. Hames Torres pens her novel with flair and wit. Though tackling the difficult subject of domestic violence, her protagonist proves to be a tough, independent woman who is doing an extraordinary job raising her six precocious kids while living with her grandmother, a feisty individual in her own right. Humor mixed with the issue of brutality offers a light-hearted, delightful read plus the anticipation of more in this same tone from this author." 

~~Nancy C. Lepri

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