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Available for order July 29

      Once upon a time, Lily had the perfect life—loving parents and grandparents, a best friend, and a boy she thought loved her—until an explosion and a disastrous decision blew it all away.

      Seventeen years later, her children are her life and she will do anything to protect them and her paraplegic grandmother. She shrinks  their world into a very small space, hides her bruises and injuries and lives in terror of the day her estranged husband’s brutality goes too far. Lily will keep them safe—even if it kills her.

      When Lily turned away from him, Alejandro left town, vowing never to return. Recreating himself, he could ignore his broken heart and make a life out from under his father’s shadow, until a family emergency pulled him home again.  Taking a job as the school music teacher, he knew he’d eventually come across her child, but he was ill prepared for the other five siblings, or becoming so quickly attached. When he encounters Lily, she only sees him as her children’s teacher.

       As he searches for answers to questions he can’t ask, will Alex’s love be enough to save Lily and her family? Or destroy them?

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      When Katherine realizes the life she thought she had was nothing more than a well-crafted fairytale. The discovery of her husband's infidelity, she goes in search of anything else he might have lied to her about and learns he's been cheating on her in many more ways than just other women.

      Now that her eyes are opened, she gives into her anger and uses his own duplicity against him. She acquires not only a quickie divorce and sole custody of their three children, but enough money to start a new life and goes in search of one.

     When she finds a beautiful farm in the Northeast Georgia mountains, with a magical Queen Anne house, it feels like the perfect place to teach her children that Daddy's rules don't apply anymore. It's time to learn to play and have fun—to be kids.

     Falling for the resident handyman, however, wasn’t in the plans. Nor was dealing with secrets he was harboring---secrets both a little frightening and strange. Secrets that could destroy their newfound happiness.


by Sheryl Hames Torres

     Gemma McKenzie Fuller must put aside her fears and help someone from her past.

      Can a troubled child teach her that going back again could possibly be a Christmas miracle?


by Sheryl Hames Torres

     Brace Adams struggles to solve the mystery of a blind woman who wakes up beside a man who's been brutally murdered. She has no memory of the man, or how she ended up in his bed.  

     Can he protect Riley from the forces surrounding her without losing his own life?

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